Dressed for the Occasion

I’ve been on the lookout for a simple black dress that can be dressed up or down and is stylishly modern yet classic and comfortable in overall look and feel.  I think I’m asking too much.  Add to that list the fact that most regular sizes don’t fit me…yes, the children’s section is looking more mature every year it seems but there is always that childish flair (like sequin hearts on the sleeve) that keeps me from finding really good stuff in that section.  Oh well.  I’ll just have to keep on looking.  Don’t even get me started on jeans!

In my perusing I’ve found some dresses that caught my eye for other reasons and I just have to share.  I love so much about this wedding dress…the lace, the cut, the simple elegance…

Who doesn’t like a surprise color pop!  And what a creative way to add the traditional “something blue” too!

I also love the color idea behind these bridesmaid dresses.

Hmmmmm…I didn’t realize my first few pictures were going to be so wedding-centric.  Too bad wedding dresses can’t be worn more than once or for more occasions.  But I guess that is why they are so special! :)

On second look, I chose to include the following pictures not so much for the dress but for the picture itself.  The color of the first is lovely, lovely (and one can never go wrong with spiral staircases)!  The way the photographer chose to showcase the nature of the second dress was particularly creative I thought.

And here are some more dresses, not worn, but again shown in such a creative way I couldn’t pass them by!

{images courtesy of Wedding Digest, Sweet Nothings, Style Me Pretty by Tamara Kuzminski Photography, Tim Walker, Going Home to Roost, and Tim Walker}

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